“So Many Questions, So Little Time: Integrating Adaptive Inventories into Public Opinion Research.” Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. (with Jacob M. Montgomery)
Paper | Replication files | catSurv software

Measuring Agenda Setting in Interactive Political Communication. American Journal of Political Science.
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“Adaptive Inventories: A Practical Guide for Applied Researchers.” Cambridge Elements Series: Elements in Quantitative and Computational Methods for the Social Sciences. (with Jacob M. Montgomery)
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Under Review

The Similar and Distinct Effects of Political and Non-Political Conversation on Affective Polarization.
Paper | Appendix

Cross-Partisan Conversation Reduced Affective Polarization for Republicans and Democrats Even After the Contentious 2020 Election. (with Taylor N. Carlson)
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Interacting as Equals: How Contact Can Promote Tolerance Among Opposing Partisans. (with Kenneth Greene, Enrique Seira, and Alberto Simpser)

Other works in progress

Balancing Precision and Retention in Experimental Design. (with Gustavo Diaz)

Improving Balance in Group-Based Lab Experiments with Blocked Cluster Designs.