Montgomery, Jacob M., and Erin L. Rossiter. (2020) “So many questions, so little time: Integrating adaptive inventories into public opinion research.” Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. 8(4): 667-690.
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Measuring Agenda Setting in Interactive Political Communication. American Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming.
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Under review

Adaptive Inventories: A Practical Guide for Applied Researchers. Book project under contract with Cambridge University Press. (with Jacob M. Montgomery)
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Selected works in progress

The Consequences of Interparty Conversation on Outparty Affect and Stereotypes.

Electoral Threat and the Impact of Interparty Contact on Affective Polarization. (with Taylor N. Carlson)
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Improving Balance in Group-Based Lab Experiments with Blocked Cluster Designs.

Judges’ Views on Presidential Power and Promotion to the U.S. Supreme Court. (with Ryden Butler, JBrandon Duck-Mayr, and David R. Miller)